Decorating Your Mantle

Nov 23, 13 Decorating Your Mantle

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Your mantle is a place where you can showcase your collectibles, treasures, and home decorations. It is also a place where you can incorporate keepsakes, family photos and interesting personal elements. I use my mantle to reflect the season by using various pieces such as holiday ornaments, fresh flowers, or dried leaves. Even if...

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Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box In A Flash

Oct 14, 13 Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box In A Flash

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I love my cat, very much, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t love is the litter box. Since my house is limited in space I did not have much choice as to where to put it. It is important that your cat’s litter box be accessible to them at all times and that is why where you place it matters. I chose to place mine in the laundry room...

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Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

Sep 06, 13 Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

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My laundry room is small and lacks adequate space to store stuff. I also do not have the space in my home to keep laundry and supplies elsewhere. I’m constantly looking for ways to get what I need with minimal disruption to the rest of the room. My brilliant mother suggested I work out a strategy to utilize every square inch...

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Storage Tips And Tricks

Aug 31, 13 Storage Tips And Tricks

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Downsizing to a bungalow when it seems I own more things than has been a real challenge. At the same time it has also proven to be an opportunity. I have been able to look at my belongings and determine what their real (if any) significance is to me. I am a big collector of trinkets and unique decorations. I feel as though your...

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