Laundry Fail

Dec 08, 13 Laundry Fail

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I know that most of my posts have been about successes I have had while cleaning or cooking, but I think it is time to get back to how things normally go. No longer am I going to try to look or sound good; I will continue to share tips from the wins, but I will also share with you humor from the fails. That is how I have decided to...

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How To Get Dream-Worthy Sheets

Sep 08, 13 How To Get Dream-Worthy Sheets

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Nothing can help you drift off into peaceful slumber than fresh and cozy sheets. I feel as though clean sheets are one of life’s simple pleasures. We all know you should wash your sheets at least once every two weeks, but I make sure to wash my kid’s sheets at least once a week (or more often if they have an accident). I also think...

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Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

Sep 06, 13 Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

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My laundry room is small and lacks adequate space to store stuff. I also do not have the space in my home to keep laundry and supplies elsewhere. I’m constantly looking for ways to get what I need with minimal disruption to the rest of the room. My brilliant mother suggested I work out a strategy to utilize every square inch...

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