Black Friday Shopping Tips

Nov 25, 13 Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Ready, set, get your cash…go! That is the approach you have to take if you want to have a successful day of shopping on the most sacred of shopping days, Black Friday. I consider black Friday to be one of the most important shopping days of the year. My order is Cyber Monday, Black Friday and then Boxing Day. That’s right, I put...

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How to Clean Your Fridge in 30 Minutes

Sep 27, 13 How to Clean Your Fridge in 30 Minutes

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Cleaning the fridge can be a daunting task. Just ask me, someone who leaves it until the very last minute. I have experienced far too many fridge cleanings where I feel as though I should be wearing a hazmat suit to provide some protection from moldy leftovers and what was once considered milk. Since becoming newly single and...

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Goodbye Fruit Flies

Sep 13, 13 Goodbye Fruit Flies

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They seem to come out of nowhere, but within a matter of days I experienced a full-on fruit fly problem. Whether it be a few dishes left in the sink or the remainder of my glass of wine (there is very rarely a remainder) these flies are there, ready with their full on annoyance tactics. My mother has often reminded me that if there...

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How To Quickly Clean Your Remote Control

Sep 07, 13 How To Quickly Clean Your Remote Control

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The TV remote is something that we use daily, but often overlook when it comes to cleaning. Just like door knobs, TV remotes are covered with germs, bacteria, and other sticky elements. Having two young children my remote needs to be cleaned OFTEN. This is especially true when one child is not feeling well or they are having a...

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