Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

Jan 20, 14 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

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It’s that time of the year again- cold and flu season. Runny nose, scratchy throat, achy muscles, sore ears and extreme fatigue are all symptoms that the flu presents. My family has just been hit by the flu bug personally, hence why I haven’t been posting. It was a tough start to 2014, trying to care for my sick son and...

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Decorating Your Home For Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 13 Decorating Your Home For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a joyous time to count all of your blessings from the past year. This past year has shown me many changes (some good and some bad), but I know I still have many things to be thankful for. One of the ways I like to remind myself of all I have to be thankful for is to bring the beauty I see outdoors inside. There are...

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Nov 25, 13 Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Ready, set, get your cash…go! That is the approach you have to take if you want to have a successful day of shopping on the most sacred of shopping days, Black Friday. I consider black Friday to be one of the most important shopping days of the year. My order is Cyber Monday, Black Friday and then Boxing Day. That’s right, I put...

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Decorating Your Mantle

Nov 23, 13 Decorating Your Mantle

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Your mantle is a place where you can showcase your collectibles, treasures, and home decorations. It is also a place where you can incorporate keepsakes, family photos and interesting personal elements. I use my mantle to reflect the season by using various pieces such as holiday ornaments, fresh flowers, or dried leaves. Even if...

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The Top 7 Essential Apps For Moms

Nov 15, 13 The Top 7 Essential Apps For Moms

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Often I feel as though I am falling behind, forgetting to do something, or mismanaging my time. When I share my woes with family, friends and coworkers it appears as though I am not alone. With the hectic schedules people have today it can often be difficult to find spare time to just stop and enjoy the day (without feeling like...

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