Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Feb 13, 14 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

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Valentine’s day is a great day to indulge your sweet tooth. There are many common treats that you can easily turn into a Valentine’s day masterpiece with a little bit of imagination and creativity. These ideas are great if you have children because they are super easy to make with items you most likely already have in...

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Parents Listen To Your Children

Feb 12, 14 Parents Listen To Your Children

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Parents are you listening? Like really listening to what your children have to say? It can be difficult to find the time to do all of the things parents are “supposed” to do, but there is a simple aspect of parenting that many of us are missing- listening. Many of us feel that if our child has something that they want...

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Creative Family Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Feb 07, 14 Creative Family Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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  Valentine’s day is the day to show those you love how much they mean to you. Valentine’s day used to be primarily about the love expressed between those involved in romantic courtships, but now it is a day where you can express your love (or fondness!) for many people in your life including your children, family...

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Feb 04, 14 Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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Laughing is so important! Do you do it enough? We have all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine- and it is! There are so many health benefits from a simple chuckle including releasing T cells which help to fight infections, releasing stress-reducing hormones, improving attentiveness, balancing your heart rate,...

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Delicious Super Bowl Snacks

Jan 31, 14 Delicious Super Bowl Snacks

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The big game day is almost here. That means it is time to get ready to enjoy with these delicious Super Bowl snacks. These snacks are easy to make and help set the mood for game day, no matter if your team wins or loses! There are many different types of popular Super Bowl snacks including chips, salsa, assorted nuts, wings, pulled...

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