About Me

About Me

Getting To Know Me

My name is Kate, and I am Domestically Challenged. I am also known as “Mom” to my two children. I work full-time as a freelance marketer while trying to keep my children happy and healthy.

My kids mean everything to me. Their laughs, personalities, and funny outlook on things keep me going.

I am starting a completely new chapter in my life and am looking to connect and share with others. In February of 2013, my marriage of 9 years ended. At first I felt like I was on my own and unequipped to handle what life had to throw at me. But in the time that has passed I have taken ground and am finding my new-found independence pretty inspiring.

One of the few positive things I have to say about my ex is that he ran a tight ship and was very clean. He wanted things to look a certain way and had no issues to putting in the work to make it look how he envisioned. My children and I have relocated to a cute bungalow that needs a ton of TLC to get it the way I want it to look. Unfortunately due to lack of time, finances and personal distractions maintaining our house has been a struggle as I try to get my life back together.

With the passing of my thirty-first birthday I made a resolution to make my house a nurturing home. My mother (who will always refer to me as Katherine no matter how many times I ask her to stop) has been a great source of support, but I know it is now time to start tackling life’s big and small challenges on my own. My mother was a cleaning lady for 24 years before she retired and has shared much of her wisdom with me. I haven’t ever really had to dip my toes into the cleaning pond, but using my mom’s cleaning tips and tricks I am making a go of it.

If you are a single parent like me, I hope you’ll share in my adventures of cleaning and becoming a domestic goddess. I will be sharing my escapades as I go and am always looking for advice and tips to help make cleaning fun!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Drop me a line anytime to share your ideas, stories and thoughts about becoming domesticated!



15 random things about me!

  1. Fall is my favorite season. The cool breeze and beautiful colors remind me of the simple things.
  2. I love my job as a marketing professional and am passionate about what I do.
  3. I have had 6 cats in my life so far; right now I own a black fat male named Meko.
  4. I am frugal! I love saving money and I am on the constant quest to find a great deal or bargain.
  5. I love all music, except for Jazz and Metal. If I find a song I love I will listen to it constantly on repeat.
  6. The majority of my diet consists of chocolate or chocolate flavored items (don’t tell my kids)!
  7. I hate crowds. I can’t stand it when people get in my personal comfort space. Arms length please!
  8. Motherhood made me mature instantly.
  9. I have a hot bath whenever I get the time!
  10. My children make me smile more than anything else.
  11. I love the show The Office.
  12. I am open to falling in love again.
  13. I worry too much about what others may be thinking of me.
  14. Everything I do takes time and effort. I am slowly learning to be ok with that.
  15. I can eat a family-sized bag of chips in one sitting, especially salt and vinegar, dill pickle, sour cream… ok pretty much any flavor.