Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Feb 04, 14 Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughing is so important! Do you do it enough? We have all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine- and it is! There are so many health benefits from a simple chuckle including releasing T cells which help to fight infections, releasing stress-reducing hormones, improving attentiveness, balancing your heart rate, keeping your blood sugar levels in check and exercising your internal muscles!

There is immense pressure on parents and children alike to be involved in extracurricular activities including sports, music, dance and more that we forget to enjoy these activities. Sometimes as parents we become so focused on the ‘got to be here’ or ‘got to be there’ that we forget to have a good time! I know it can be difficult to not feel as though you are racing against the clock to get one child to dance or another child to a sleepover that it can seem overwhelming. That is why every once in a while you need to take an evening off from the hustle and bustle to just let kids be kids!

Little boy laughing on the floor.Setting aside some time with your children to just play without the TV or other stimuli on can help you to grow your relationships and be in tune with your children. Be silly, laugh and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what you are not doing or what you need to get done for tomorrow, just be present in the moment! Your children will appreciate this time with you and that is what matters most.

Taking time to slow down may be difficult for those of us who are busy bodies and want to accomplish everything, but taking time out of your busy schedule to just be with your kids is very rewarding. Do not feel guilty about the laundry that is piled high, or the kitchen that needs to be cleaned… this time is just for you and your children to have fun! Remember you will never get the time back when your children are young so embrace it and nurture them through laughter. Bringing laughter into your home will help connect you and your children in a positive way!

Make a point of laughing every day- it will not only make your body feel good, but will also make your relationships stronger!


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