Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Feb 13, 14 Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s day is a great day to indulge your sweet tooth. There are many common treats that you can easily turn into a Valentine’s day masterpiece with a little bit of imagination and creativity. These ideas are great if you have children because they are super easy to make with items you most likely already have in your home! This is really good because if you are anything like me you have procrastinated and now Valentine’s day is literally tomorrow! Here are some super easy to make recipes that will show your love on Valentine’s day!

Some of the best sites I have found when looking for Valentine’s day treat ideas for the kids include:


Heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treats

These are a fun take on traditional rice krispie treats. All you need to add is a little bit of red food coloring and cut the squares into heart shapes! These are an easy way to incorporate Valentine’s day to a classic treat. All you have to do is follow the instructions found here and get started! These treats are a instant favorite that you don’t have to feel bad about giving your child because it is much better than preservative and sugar full chocolates!

Love-me Sandwiches

Try making lunch time a little more special for your child on Valentine’s day! Whether your kid eats lunch at school or at home, cutting their favorite sandwich (peanut butter and jelly for my son) into a heart shape can make them smile and know that they are loved! This is also great for toddlers who you may have difficulty getting to eat their food! It is all about the visual presentation and shapes for them so try out the love-me sandwich for your child on Valentine’s day!

Fun Fruit

Who said fruit can’t be fun? There are some really easy ways to get the fruit to look much more appetizing to your children and that again involves presentation! By cutting the fruit into heart shapes you can make them perfect for dipping into chocolate, icing sugar or caramel! This makes snack time more fun (and your child is eating fruit)! You can try this with apples, mango, bananas and more!

For fun Valentine’s day activities check out my earlier post. Also for more fun Valentine’s day ideas check out my Pinterest board which is always being updated!

What treats are you making for your children this Valentine’s day?


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