Creative Family Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Feb 07, 14 Creative Family Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is the day to show those you love how much they mean to you. Valentine’s day used to be primarily about the love expressed between those involved in romantic courtships, but now it is a day where you can express your love (or fondness!) for many people in your life including your children, family and friends. This year I am focusing on the family aspect of Valentine’s day with creative projects that you can work on as a family unit.


A few of the most helpful and fun sites I have found for creative family Valentine’s day projects include:

Here are some inexpensive and creative family ideas for Valentine’s day.

Update Family Photos

Boy taking a photo of his family.Updating your family photos on Valentine’s day can give you another opportunity to share a moment as a family. Since you no longer have Christmas cards and decorations up a few new family photos can help to brighten up your home. It is also a nice in-between time of the year (after school and Christmas photos) to make sure you capture all of your children at the same time- you might even be able to convince your husband to get in a few photos! These pictures don’t have to be anything expensive, you can even use your own digital camera and self-timer to take them.

Refinish Picture Frames

A collection of frames all painted gold.If you have a few picture frames lying around convert them instantly by painting them in the same metallic finish (gold, bronze, silver or platinum all look great). If you don’t have picture frame around the house go to your local dollar or discount store. They will have many different sized frames for low prices that you can transform easily. By painting or spray painting a variety of different frames the same finish you instantly have a beautiful grouping of frames to work with for your updated family pictures.


Create A Kindness Jar

Mason jar.Since Valentine’s day is about expressing how much you care for someone why not keep that positive energy going all year round? If you have children you can create a kindness jar by writing out little notes of things you can do to help another. Ideas for the kids include anything from helping my brother clean his room to brining an extra snack to school for a friend.  Ideas for parents and couples can include giving each other a hug, going on a date night, etc. All you need is a mason jar, pens, some decorations, paper and kind ideas!

Pay It Forward

kids who have just finished shovelling the drivewayIt doesn’t have to be big, but doing an extra something for a stranger can help to brighten not only their day, but yours as well. This can be as simple as helping a neighbor shovel their driveway or buying a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru. This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved as well, teaching them the importance of helping those around them. These little random acts of kindness help to spread the love in a way that will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s day projects, decorating ideas, recipes and crafts check out my Valentine’s day Pinterest board which is always updated! Does your family do anything together on Valentine’s day? How are you planning on celebrating?


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