Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Jan 22, 14 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Sometimes there is a voice in my head that I just can’t seem to get rid of. This voice says that I am not good enough, or that I can’t, or that I should just settle. It also fills me up with stress and anxiety. I have struggled with this voice for a while, first getting louder in my teenage years. The voice still gets loud sometimes, causing an increase in anxiety and self-doubt. Other times the voice is so faint and quiet I think that I have finally overcome it, only to hear it get louder later. I have been looking for ways that actually work to help deal with stress for a while now, especially after going through so many unforeseen life changes.

There are many different factors 167645068that contribute to a person feeling self-doubt and in turn anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress are very real challenges that everyone faces, just at varying extremes. Stress and anxiety can stem from relationship problems, financial concerns, parenting challenges, work load, and an overall sense of being overwhelmed. That is why it is important to look for stress and anxiety relievers that work for your personal issues. It may take many a while to find what works for you, but once you do it will be well worth it. You can learn from self-help books, affirmation techniques and lifestyle changes- but keep in mind finding what works for you may take time. Don’t give up on your pursuit of stress and anxiety management. Keep in mind that what works for someone else might not work for you and what works for you might not work for someone else.

Some of the most popular and simpleLady happily greeting the sunrise. ways to reduce anxiety and stress including breathing techniques, affirmations, reading, writing, dietary changes, exercise and more. Many people take on unhealthy habits such as smoking, caffeine or alcohol to help combat their anxiety and stress, but it only contributes to the problem. Some great resources I have found to find positive and healthy ways to manage stress include, and These sites explain how important exercise, nutrition, rest and even stopping to smell the flowers can be in managing anxiety and stress.

Some of the best things I have done for myself to reduce anxiety and stress include:

  • Reading more.
  • Keeping a journal.
  • Going for power walks.
  • Playing with my kids more.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Taking breaks.
  • Making plans to look forward to.

What techniques have you used in order to get through stress and anxiety?  Any books or blogs to suggest?


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