Inspiring Sports Illustrated Kids

Jan 17, 14 Inspiring Sports Illustrated Kids

I just had to share this heart-warming video with everyone! This video of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids’ Sportskid Of The Year Award has truly inspired me. I first saw it about a year ago and was left feeling hopeful and encouraged. I saw it again last night when a friend sent it to me as an email forward. I hope it will help to open your hearts as it has mine, and motivate you to challenge yourself to see things differently (it is a great way to start the new year, even if you have seen it before).


Kids holding hands.This extraordinary video shows compassion, brotherly love, and humanity. It inspires you to see that with help from others you can overcome life’s obstacles. Conner and Cayden deliver a strong and clear message that many things deemed ‘impossible’ are possible if we work at it together. Watch this video with your kids, who will learn the importance that helping out and respecting others makes as demonstrated by these courageous brothers.

You can also read about Jack- a true leader at a young age, who was named Sports Illustrated Kids’ Sportskid Of The Year for 2013 at

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