Easy And Practical Money Saving Tips

Piggy Bank with blackboardMoney…you work long and hard for it, but it goes through your fingers quickly and easily. Your dwindling funds are not due to frivolous spending either, life is just overwhelmingly expensive. Things add up, especially if you have children. I am always looking for new ways to save money whether it be buying in bulk, hunting for deals, comparative shopping, or looking for inventive ways to stretch a dollar.

I have come across many ideas in my pursuit of saving money (good, bad, practical, impractical) from books, blogs and well-meaning friends. Some of the best advice I have found for saving money directly relates to my new life situation as a divorced mother of two young children. There are many financial challenges I now face including paying for bills on my own, increased transportation costs, and the growing expenses that go along with growing children. Some informative blogs that I have found that give excellent tips on how to stretch your money include:

Here are some of my own practical personal tips I have found useful in my pursuit of financial savings!

Tip 1- Switch To Paperless Billing.

If you are still receiving paper billsClose up of female hands working on laptop. for your cable, cell phone, internet, gas, electrical or anything else go to your provider’s website… now! Check out your last bill or statement and see if you see any miscellaneous charges. If you see a charge for paper billing check to see if you can deselect this option. This way you will reduce your bill and protect the environment (by switching to online billing I am saving over $24 a year on JUST my cell phone bill a year). It is also easy to keep track of all of your bills online without having the hassle of filing.


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