Adorable Puppy Will Make You Smile

Jan 30, 14 Adorable Puppy Will Make You Smile

Okay, so I know that it is a little lame to post about a commercial, but I just HAD to after watching this commercial (to be honest, I have watched it probably about 5 times now).

This commercial is not only sweet, but it shows that you do NOT have to use sex in order to sell. In fact, this beer commercial is using beautiful horses and a sweet, adorable puppy in order to advertise. It shows the connection that all species share. This commercial is safe for people of all ages (which is something to be said for commercials now-a-days).

And guess what? It’s working- this Super Bowl commercial from Budweiser has been viewed over 15 million times and it was just released yesterday.

It’s a puppy love kinda day! Any commercials that you love? I look forward to seeing more commercials like this!!



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