Laundry Fail

Dec 08, 13 Laundry Fail

I know that most of my posts have been about successes I have had while cleaning or cooking, but I think it is time to get back to how things normally go. No longer am I going to try to look or sound good; I will continue to share tips from the wins, but I will also share with you humor from the fails. That is how I have decided to look at my past mistakes in which things didn’t go quite as planned… with a sense of humor.

A few days ago I learned the hard lesson that although you may have a mountain of laundry ahead of you, you still need to go through and do it the right way. I actually love doing laundry, it is one of those home chores that actually makes me feel as though I have accomplished something when I am finished. With other household chores I often feel like the second I put the cleaning supplies away I need to take them out again. Laundry is one of those things where you can visibly see your accomplishments, with the dwindling pile of laundry left to do and a clean stack of clothes ready to be put away.

Anyways I had gone a few extra days without doing laundry because I got caught up with other things, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (at least I have my priorities straight). My laundry routine usually consists of dumping out all of the baskets and sorting their contentsWoman washing clothes with machine. by colors (darks, whites, brights), fabrics (delicates, cold wash, hang dry only), and then bedding. Since I was behind, I sorted through things quicker than I should have, without thoroughly checking pockets and sorting. So I started on my way of doing laundry. First load success, second load success, third load… as I started to pull the dry clothes from the laundry basket I gasped. Oh no! I put my entire load of hang dry only clothing in the dryer. Knit tops, T-shirts, leggings, and skinny jeans that were already on the tight side had gone into the hot dryer inferno. Not knowing how to solve my laundry dilemma I called my mom (embarrassing I know, but she usually has great advice). She suggested that I put the clothes back in the wash right away and then make sure to hang dry them afterwards. So I did exactly that. A few things seemed to be salvaged, but I will definitely need to lose another ten pounds before my skinny jeans fit again.

So on to load three (for the second time), load four, load five, and what?! Load six was yet again another disaster as I washed a load of lights with my son’s dark red sweaters. No way, I couldn’t have done this twice in one evening! Yet as I looked all the varying shades of red and pink coming out of the wash I knew it was too late… or was it? This timeStacked clean towels. instead of bugging my mom for laundry advice I checked out my trusty search engine friend Google, which has the answer to almost every single question there is out there. I found a few helpful blogs about how to do your laundry the right way including:

These tips were lifesavers… well to be more accurate, clothes-savers! Moral of the story is to always take the extra five to ten minutes to thoroughly sort through your laundry- empty the pockets, use the right detergent, and select the right cycle. These easy steps will save you frustration and money.

Have you ever had any laundry mishaps? What did you do? Were you able to save any of your clothes?


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