Gingerbread House Decorating…Gone Bad

Dec 12, 13 Gingerbread House Decorating…Gone Bad

We have all seen them. Those perfect little gingerbread houses that look like they were made by a skilled cookie architect or professional candy designer. Well this year I decided to take on the gingerbread home making challenge, and tried to whip up my own festive cookie home.

I have seen many beautiful gingerbread house creations on sites like Pinterest, recipe blogs and in magazines. I wonder how many failed attempts occur or how much time is spent in order to achieve gingerbread house success. I have two kids who will be helping me this year, and I think that is part of the experience. It is not just what your gingerbread house looks like when it is completed, rather how you shared the experience with your children.

I started out my mission for creating the perfect gingerbread house as many would, at Wal-mart. I found a good sized gingerbread house kits and bought two. This way I could work on one with the kids help and then they could design their own. This kit is pre-baked so it it just needs to be set up. It comes with the five panels and a cardboard base.  It also includes decorating icing mix, tips, candy and decorating bags.

The kids and I weren’t sure if there would be enough 174274667candy to decorate both houses so we bought some extra candy for good measure (and eating). We  bought many different types of candy to decorate with including gummy candies, mints, chocolates and more. Then we prepared a space on the dining room table with newspaper so that it wouldn’t get too messy. I filled up small bowls containing different candies to decorate with in each. This way it would be easier for the kids see what there was to decorate with. The first house we decorated my son and I followed the instructions as much as possible to see if we could get our gingerbread house to look like the one on the box. I got the icing all ready and applied where and how it showed on the instructions (or so I thought). Let me tell you that it is not nearly as easy to apply the icing as you might think. This stuff was pretty thick, making it difficult to start and stop icing when you wanted or needed to. This was perfect when I was setting up the base for the gingerbread house, but made it difficult to ice smaller areas. In order to make straight lines and cut off the icing where you need to I suggest having a butter knife to help catch excess icing. We tried really hard to get the first one looking it’s best by placing the candy according to where we saw it placed in the example, but it still didn’t look nearly as good as it did on the box. I totally think that this is a case of false advertising because we took the time and effort to make this gingerbread house look amazing and had less than stellar results. Luckily I found this post on that shows me that I am not alone in my quest for perfection, and failing it miserably.

The next gingerbread house we decorated 153722218we threw caution and instructions to the wind. Rather than trying to imitate a perfect looking gingerbread house, we did our own thing. Once the base of the house was up the kids and I went wild. We iced, decorated, ate and laughed while creating the gingerbread house of our dreams. The experience of designing and decorating the gingerbread house without trying to imitate was more fun and rewarding.

Unfortunately my son and I couldn’t help but snack on the gingerbread houses because they were out in plain sight, so we already know for next year to wait a bit longer before making them. We are already looking forward to next year’s gingerbread house decorating challenge when we attempt to do a two-story. That’s the thing I have learned through this- it’s all about the experience when you have children, not how good the end-result looks!

Do you have any treats you make for the holidays?


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