Christmas Decoration Shopping Tips

122406054This year I am starting fresh with my Christmas decorations. This means that other than a few sentimental ornaments, I am purchasing all new items for my new home (this is also in part due to the fact I cannot find my decorations anywhere)! It is also about time since my old decorations were in need of a serious makeover. So it was off shopping I went. I brought the kids with so that they could help choose a few ornaments of their own so that it would feel more like decoration collaboration. Here are some tips that I used to find the best decorations I could- that would stand the test of time, while staying on budget.

Tip 1- Plan Your Look.

It is really important that you have an overall idea of what you want your end design to look like before starting to purchase your decorations. This will prevent you from having scattered and fragmented decorations, rather than a uniform design. I did a lot of searching on Pinterest for decorating inspiration, as well as leafing through magazines to find ideas. There were71262061 many beautiful options to choose from, but I settled upon a purple, silver and white color motif. I chose this for two reasons- 1. that purple is my favorite color, 2. I like the ambiance that small white Christmas lights provide. There is already enough color in my home from my kid’s toys and creations that I opted for something that was a little more “grown up” looking. A great way to narrow down what you want your overall look to be is to print off or save the magazine pages with the look that you are interested in. Then go through your favorite discount shopping flyer or store (Target or Wal-mart)  and see which items you can easily replicate for less. The page that you find the most items of that you can replicate, or that you decide you like more will become your winner. Click below for more Christmas decoration shopping tips.


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