5 Ways To Get Holiday Ready Using Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Beautifully lit up home for the holidays.Winter can be a dark, cold and dreary time of the year. That is why I think it is so important to do your part to help brighten up the landscape by decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays.

There are many different ways to show your holiday spirit, whether it be subtle or over the top.  I tend to fall in the middle for my own holiday decorating. In the past I have tried to ramp up my efforts only to become exhausted and cold during my attempts. Two years ago I really wanted to have the house look festive for my son (who was seven at the time). My husband and I got started in the middle of November (truly the earlier you start the better). We used multi-colored lights, flashing lights on the garage, garlands around the windows, and a few blow-up ornaments for our outdoor Christmas decorations. By the time we were finished and turned the lights on I had a self-defeated grin on my face. Yes, the house was all decorated and yes, it was all lit up- but it just didn’t look right. We had not put enough effort into planning out what decorations were going where, and where certain lights were to be placed. This ended up creating an unequal placement of the decorations. making the house look as though it wasn’t finished. To be honest it looked like a real life gingerbread house, where you run out of candy to decorate with because you have been eating it throughout your decorating. When we brought my son outside later that night to see the house all lit up and decorated, he loved it! It didn’t matter to him how even or matching the decorations were, he was just thrilled to see the effort that we put in. Although our efforts didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to, they were above and beyond what my son was expecting. That made it all worth it. It proved to me that any decorating is a good way to get into a festive mood, but a little planning goes a long way.

This year is my first year decorating my new home for the holidays. As I mentioned in my previous post I went shopping for new ornaments, lights and decorations this year. Gone are my multi-colored flashing lights, and welcomed are my new simple (and elegant) gold lights.

Here are some of the tips I used while decorating my new home for the holidays for the first time.

Tip 1- Get Inspired.

Here are many different places you can lookstack of magazines for outdoor holiday decorating inspiration. Some of the most popular options for inspiration include magazines, home décor websites, Pinterest, or even a decorated home that you pass by on the street. Wherever you draw your inspiration from make sure to keep a list or image board going. I use Pinterest primarily because it is super easy to use, with just a simple click of a mouse I can save decorating ideas and refer back to them. If you are not internet savvy you can do the same by clipping and pasting Christmas decorating ideas that you come across in magazines on a piece of Bristol board.  Having the decorating looks you like side by side will help you t select your favorite. From that point you on you can figure out which look would best suit your personal decorating style and your home’s exterior.  Once you have completely settled on your design you can search stores and flyers for similar decorations to decorate with.

No matter where you draw your decorating inspiration from make sure to stay consistent (this is something I would have completely benefited from a few years back)!

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