The Top 7 Essential Apps For Moms

Smart phone with color apps flying out.Often I feel as though I am falling behind, forgetting to do something, or mismanaging my time. When I share my woes with family, friends and coworkers it appears as though I am not alone. With the hectic schedules people have today it can often be difficult to find spare time to just stop and enjoy the day (without feeling like you will pay for it tomorrow).

A couple years ago I made a vow to make a change; I wanted to be able to be able to get everything I needed to get done in a more time-efficient way, while still leaving room to enjoy life. That is when I decided to make my phone my personal assistant. Initially I thought it would be difficult to find the right apps to make my life more organized (especially for a person who is not very tech savvy), but to my surprise (and delight) it was very simple.

I have tried many different apps- some of them being very useful, some not so useful, and others I just don’t use often enough to give a good review on. The apps that I use on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis help aid in many different aspects of my life including diet, time-management, medical appointments, finances, receipts, points building and more. Here are the top seven apps that have changed my life for the better!


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