Decorating Your Mantle

Nov 23, 13 Decorating Your Mantle

Your mantle is a place where you can showcase your collectibles, treasures, and home decorations. It is also a place where you can incorporate keepsakes, family photos and interesting personal elements. I use my mantle to reflect the season by using various pieces such as holiday ornaments, fresh flowers, or dried leaves.

Even if you don’t have a proper mantle, a strategically placed shelf can create a place in your home where your imagination can take over. Here are a few steps you can take to get your mantle looking fantastic.

Step 1- Clear It.

I find it is always a good practice when you are decorating147333741 or organizing something to completely clear it off before getting started. This allows you to see how much space you are working with, while allowing you to purge or pack up items that you don’t currently need in one seamless action. I bring a large Rubbermaid container where I store my decorations with so that I can easily change them up.

Step 2- Dust It.

All you need here is a microfiber cloth and some dusting spray! Simply wipe down your mantle/shelf and your decorations in a circular motion.

Step 3- Decorate It.

This is the fun part. I always find that redecorating99244787 my mantle makes my room feel new again. There are many different tips and techniques on how to decorate your mantle, but the most important one is to be true to your own style. If you like many a more eclectic mix of decorations on your mantle go for it. If you are more comfortable using uniform and common elements try using neutrals and more basic shapes. Like I mentioned earlier, I like to incorporate seasonal elements onto my mantle. I have some holiday decorations that I use during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I also try to bring the outdoors in by using fresh flowers in the spring and summer months. During the fall I try to bring in the beautiful leaves and during the winter I bring in some sprigs of pine for an inviting scent and seasonal look. Some of the best decorations you can use are the ones that carry a sentimental meaning or heritage. Crafts and artwork my children have made always gets prime real estate on the mantle because not only is it unique, but it is about as personal as it gets.

How do you organize and decorate your mantle or shelf? Do you have any holiday tips?


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