Black Friday Shopping Tips

186551766Ready, set, get your cash…go! That is the approach you have to take if you want to have a successful day of shopping on the most sacred of shopping days, Black Friday. I consider black Friday to be one of the most important shopping days of the year. My order is Cyber Monday, Black Friday and then Boxing Day. That’s right, I put Black Friday before Boxing Day! Why you might ask? Well Black Friday is the best opportunity for in-person deals for you and all of your loved ones. I actually do not even start shopping for Christmas presents until Black Friday because otherwise I feel as though I am going to overpay.

After shopping on Black Friday for the past 5 years I have come up with some helpful tips to share. These tips can help to make the best use of your time (and keep you sane!) on this hectic and busy shopping day.

Tip 1- Leave The Kids At Home.

If you can convince your parents or in-laws to watch 178416887the kids for the day do it. Even if you have to spring for a sitter, the money will be well spent when you have tons more time and freedom to shop and get great deals. Black Friday can be extremely busy and overwhelming (especially for children). By having a babysitter in place you can face the masses on your own. This allows you to get in and out of stores quickly and easily, as well as not have to entertain or appease your children. It is also a perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts for your children so that they won’t know what you got them!


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