Under Attack

Nov 01, 13 Under Attack

It seems as if I’ve attracted the attention of a so-called ‘men’s rights’ site dalrock.wordpress.com, the writer of which has decided to ignorantly criticize and  bemoan the fact that women such as myself no longer live in a medieval state of inequality and oppression. Equality is not an affront to men, and the writers at dalrock.wordpress.com are a relic from the past that most of this country is trying to put behind them.

I wrote this article to help let others know that they are not alone in the challenges that they face, and to accept change to the best of their ability. This blogger took it upon himself to persecute me for my choice of getting divorced (which was not only my choice, but my former husbands as well), he stated that I had made the wrong decision for myself and my children. He also went on to say that I have zero worth to society now that I am a divorced woman. These comments are arrogant coming from anyone, and purely idiotic coming from someone who has no prior knowledge of me, or the context that surrounds the decisions I’ve made.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on new posts coming from dalrock.wordpress.com, and challenging some of the ridiculous beliefs they hold.  I am in no way moved or intimidated by their insults and rage-posting, and in fact encourage any rational responses or dialog that they can manage (although somehow I doubt they have much to offer in the areas of reason and rationality). In fact, I’m convinced that they more they have to say, the more they’ll seem clearly and unavoidably wrong.


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