Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box In A Flash

Oct 14, 13 Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box In A Flash

I love my cat, very much, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t love is the litter box. Since my house is limited in space I did not have much choice as to where to put it. It is important that your cat’s litter box be accessible to them at all times and that is why where you place it matters. I chose to place mine in the laundry room because it is a bit out of the way, but is also somewhere that my cat can get to it easily.

I have a few suggestions for setting up your cat’s litter box area that will make cleaning and general maintenance that much easier to keep up. The first is to purchase a covered litter box. This prevents litter from getting all over the floor when your cat is covering its waster and it also allows your cat to have a bit of privacy. There are vented litter boxes that help to minimize bad odors, but these can be quite costly and just contributes to reasons to avoid cleaning the litter box. Another way to help keep the litter area clean is to purchase a plastic grated mat (commonly used it the winter to collect dirt and snow). This mat should be about the size and a half of the litter box. Then place the litter box in the center. This will allow any litter that is kicked out or left on your cat’s feet to be wiped off. An air freshener nearby is a great idea, but I have recently bought an Air Wick Motion Sensor Air Freshener and place it at the door of my laundry room in a low outlet. Now when the cat passes by to use the washroom the air freshener is set off to cover the odor.

Now onto cleaning the litter box! I like using inexpensive litter because I go through it so quickly. Scented litter is a great way to also minimize the odor and I don’t recommend using flushable litter. No matter what the stuff is not good for your plumbing, especially in an older home like mine. I do the following cleaning program once a week, and do the scoop maintenance every one to two days.

Step 1- Get Your Gear.

I like to get cleaning the litter box over as quickly as possible, for a number of reasons. That is why I bring a garbage bag, the pooper scooper, dish detergent, paper towel, hand sanitizer, and the broom all down at once.

Step 2- Hold Your Breath And Get Cleaning!

Now is the time when I move quickly, like a panther. This is when I lift off the top and pull the garbage bag over the lower half of the litter box. This makes scooping unnecessary and allows me to fully clean the litter box in one swift move. I pour all of the contents of the litter box into the garbage bag. Then I use the pooper scooper to scrape off any remaining waste and litter.  Then I lift the litter box off the mat and place it into the laundry sink. The mat is also emptied into the garbage bag and the area is quickly swept up. This garbage you will want to take immediately to your outdoor garbage because of the smell and bacteria it contains.

Step 3- Quick Wash and Dry.

Many people overlook washing out their cat’s litter box, but it is very important. If your cat has had any infections or diseases they may be harboring in their litter box. Washing it with antibacterial dish detergent can help to kill the bacteria and germs that cause infection. It also helps to fully disinfect the area and remove any lingering odors. To wash my cat’s litter box I simply place it into the laundry tub, add a bit of hot water and dish detergent, and start washing. I use paper towel to wash and dry it so I can toss it out easily. This literally takes less than two minutes, but can make a large difference in your cat’s health.

Step 4- Refill!

I now put the cleaned out mat back and place the litter box back on top. I fill the litter box with 3 inches of fresh litter and reassemble it. This is also a good time to check if your air freshener needs to be refilled. That is one thing I do have to say is that the Air Wick air freshener needs to be refilled quite often, but to me that is worth it because it is covering up the unpleasant scent easily. An inexpensive air freshener idea is also to place a scented dryer sheet near the litter box.

Now you are all done and you can feel good that not only is the litter box clean, but you are also protecting your cat’s health by disinfecting the litter box. You only have to do this whole routine once a week, and in-between you will need to scoop out any waste.

What do you use for an air freshener? Have good or poor results? Do you have any tips for simplifying this routine?




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