Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

Sep 06, 13 Finally…An Organized Laundry Room!

My laundry room is small and lacks adequate space to store stuff. I also do not have the space in my home to keep laundry and supplies elsewhere. I’m constantly looking for ways to get what I need with minimal disruption to the rest of the room. My brilliant mother suggested I work out a strategy to utilize every square inch that the laundry room had to offer. So I did.

Here is how I organized and gave my laundry room a face-lift in less than 1 hour. (…and you can too!)

Step 1 – Remove Garbage.

It’s amazing how much junk gets left in the laundry room. It’s like a walk-in junk drawer. Get it all out!!!!  When you first start cleaning I suggest you check all of your cleaning supplies. If you have containers of almost empty laundry detergent or fabric softener downsize the container that they are in to save yourself some space (you can always put it in a empty water bottle as well). I also take my fabric softener and any other products with excess packaging out of the box to further save myself some space. My laundry room does not have room for a waste basket, so to empty out the lint trap I have a plastic bag tied around the handle – this makes it easy to bring to the garbage without taking up floor space.

Step 2 – Use Baskets.

laundry basketI find baskets are a great storage solution. Including my three large-sized laundry baskets. They are all stackable and fit neatly inside each other. The top basket I use as the hamper for any clothes that are to be washed. I have three different baskets so that I can sort my loads easily- whites, colors and delicates. I also found some great cheap baskets that are not very deep but are great for holding my stain remover pen, dryer sheets, clothespins, and scrub brush.

Step 3 – Hang ‘em High.

Like I mentioned earlier, my mom told me to use all the space that the laundry room has to offer. I hang dry the majority of my clothes so that they will keep their shape and last longer. I was using two folding hanging racks that used up most of the floor space in the room.

lines hanging insideI realized that I could use the exposed ceiling joists to string a clothes line from instead of using the floor space. The laundry room isn’t very long so I strung three different sections of line to have a sufficient amount of space to hang my clothes. This worked like a charm because I do not always have time to run in and outside with my clothes to dry them, not to mention dealing with the elements of the different seasons. This has certainly cleared up a space issue for me.

To make sure that the damp clothes drying on the lines inside aren’t causing too much humidity (which could potentially turn into a mold problem), I bought a small dehumidifier that I run while clothes are drying. It takes up some floor space, but much less than the drying racks did before.

Step 4 – Make it Pretty.

This step is my favorite one out of the whole organizing process; probably because there is very little organizing involved. This is where I set out to make my laundry room look inviting and not so sterile.

I went out to Walmart and found some great inexpensive items that helped to transform my laundry room. I started with a deep eggplant purple mat that is 24 x 60 inches. It covers most of the floor space, which is nice because it is horribly outdated vinyl. I also bought a purple basket to store my laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain removers and bleach. This will stay out in the open on top of the dryer when it is not in use. I also got an air freshener and silver towel bar to hold any clothes or towels I might have to use in the laundry tub. This cost me $38.47 and has made the laundry room a place I don’t mind to spend time in (within reason of course!).

There are many great ways to change up your laundry room. Do a Google search for ‘beautiful laundry rooms’ for more ideas on how to make yours look nice. You can look for ideas by searching the mats, waste pails, and other items you might need on the Target or Walmart websites. While you are at it you might as well stock up on detergent if it’s on sale!


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