Fun Snack Ideas

Sep 09, 13 Fun Snack Ideas

I never realized how much children ate until I had my own. Now I realize that kids can eat a lot more than I previously thought, and it can be expensive trying to foot the grocery bill. I also figured my mom was exaggerating when she would discuss her past trials and tribulations of trying to get me to eat fruits and vegetables as a kid. Having two somewhat fussy eaters on my hands I can now empathize with what my mother went through.

I try to steer clear of kid’s snacks that are made with preservatives whenever possible. Most of these items are high in calories, sugar, and are low in nutritional value. This doesn’t mean that I completely avoid them, but I will look for the healthier alternative when I can.

Yet my children are very savvy, they know what looks good usually tastes good. That is why how I figured out that presentation plays a large role in getting your kids to eat nutritiously. I have also learned that kids want to mimic what adults do and eat, so by setting a good example in my own diet I am teaching my kids that I care about my own health as well.

The presentation ideas that I have come up with are easy to do with items already in the house. This can help to save you in a pinch when your child is being fussy. You also won’t have to incur any additional costs (which is great because groceries cost us enough already)!

Hope you will find some of these ideas worth trying!

Option 1- Muffin Trays.

A muffin tray can work wonders in making snack time fun. I have recently begun serving my kids snacks in a small muffin tray. Each of them get their own, with each area being filled with a different type of snack. The snacks that you choose to put in each are completely up to you. I have used the following with great success. For a sweet snack I have filled the containers with grapes, cherries, sliced banana, berries, mini Ritz peanut butter crackers, mini cookies, Smarties, raisins, mango, and pineapple. I have also filled the trays with cheese cubes, cut up lunch meat, crackers, pretzels, sliced cucumber, chopped green and red peppers, and cheese goldfish crackers. I change up what I put in the muffin trays depending on what my kids prefer and what is in the fridge. This serving option has been a big hit, with my kids asking for their snacks to be served in it. I have even used it for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on what they are having.

Option 2- Be Creative.

There are some foods that my kids will simply not touch. I decided I needed to be creative to ensure that they were getting the nutrition that they require. Although I had grandiose ideas in my head of what I could do, I was realistic in knowing that I have a limited amount of time and budget in place. That is when I started to make the presentation on their plates fun. My son refuses to eat many different vegetables (especially if he knows that they are in the food). So for pizza I make the vegetables look like something he loves… so far he has had a dinosaur, truck, house, and dog designed pizza. I have used this technique when it comes to their sandwiches as well so that they will eat the crust. All I do is cut the sandwich into pieces before giving it to them. On a rainy day I made their sandwiches look like umbrellas using the crust to make the handle. My kids will now eat their food, and smile seeing what I have created, making it worth the effort. I am not much of an artist, but to my kids I am Picasso. Let your imagination take over and create a piece of art using food for your kids.

Option 3- All Hands On Deck.

Having your kids help out to make their snacks gives them a sense of responsibility and contribution. They are also more likely to want to try out their own creation. No matter what type of snack I am preparing I ask the kids to help out, whether it is just getting some items from the fridge or setting the table. My kids are quick to help out which is nice because it is more time that we spend together. Next time you are prepping for snack time, ask your kids to help out.

These are just a few options that I have found helpful, inexpensive, and fun in getting my kids to eat healthier. I am always looking for new ways to get my kids to eat nutritiously (I still sneak it in when I can). Please share some of your successful snack ideas!


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