Storage Tips And Tricks

Aug 31, 13 Storage Tips And Tricks

Downsizing to a bungalow when it seems I own more things than has been a real challenge. At the same time it has also proven to be an opportunity. I have been able to look at my belongings and determine what their real (if any) significance is to me.

I am a big collector of trinkets and unique decorations. I feel as though your home speaks volumes about you even if you don’t know it. I like stores such as Pier1 Imports and HomeSense where I can find inexpensive knickknacks that speak out to me.

I love glass ware and candles, which I have many of. When I was packing to downsize to the bungalow I kept thinking ‘Where will I find room for this?’. Luckily a few creative storage items and ideas have helped me to keep the majority of the collection I do own without making my home look too crowded.

Here are some of my simple ideas for storage.

Step 1- Utilize ALL Cupboards And Closets.

Remember how organized our mothers kept the cupboards in the kitchen? Unfortunately do to time, stuff and lack of space my kitchen will never look like that. But then again does it matter? Who is going to be looking through my kitchen cupboards? When I finally let go that I was never going to be as neat or tidy as my mother or ex, I found freedom. I found freedom from expectations that were unwillingly and unknowingly put on me at the time. I then saw an interesting program on TV about how to best utilize your space. It said that just because they are kitchen cupboards doesn’t mean that they just need to be used to hold kitchen supplies. It was like an instant light bulb went off… I had extra space in my kitchen cupboards, heck I had a few that were completely empty. I also had a kid’s closet that was exploding at the door, with the toys being placed everywhere when the kids were looking for one. I will put the extra most frequently used toys in there I thought. I went to work, condensing my kitchen supplies to make room for their arts, crafts, and board games. This way the kids can get at them when they need and put them away without hassle.

Step 2- Creative Storage Solutions.

I used to think that hideaway tables, foot stool organizers, bench storage units, and beds with built in drawers were for those who were messy or had too much stuff. Well either I have joined the ranks of those who are messy or have too much stuff, or I realize how valuable these storage items can be when you are tight on space. I know find great storage solutions at places like Ikea, where they make organizing easy and functional. One of the coolest storage items I have found is a vanity for my powder room. Although the area is quite small I can easily fit towels, washcloths and other toiletries easily beneath the sink. I have also found that hanging up my kid’s clothes has made a big difference in space. Since they are short and their clothes do not hang very low I have been able to place three rods across their closets that I can easily hang my all of my son’s and daughter’s clothes. In their dresser I keep things like their undergarments, extra sheets and socks.

Step 3- Storage Wars.

Sometimes I feel as though I have items in storage that I will never need to use again, but don’t know how exactly to get rid of them. I then started to apply the same strategy I had on my clothes on the rest of my home. If you haven’t used it in 3 years you probably are not going to. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but the majority of the time it fits. Most people’s homes change over the corse of the time, kids are born, kids grow up, kids leave the nest, etc. Your home, just like your life is always evolving. After the breakup of my marriage I was left with a new challenge. Hang on to fragments of the past or start fresh. I am lucky that redecorating has come down expense wise because I could not bare to have items that reminded me of a simpler time. I salvaged what I could or had sentimental value with, and for the rest I packed up boxes. There are many second hand stores in my area where I could have taken these items, but I couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted them to have new life with someone who needs it. I donated them and to be honest have not thought about them until I wrote this post. Which in turn goes to show you that hanging on to stuff can actually bog you down, rather than give you the freedom of hanging on to a few items that you love.

Once you start organizing your house you won’t be able to stop. This is coming from a reformed disorganized mess too! I have been saved so much frustration and time by having a set place for everything. My house also looks bigger and tidier now that I have utilized all of my cupboards and closets.

Do you have any storage tips to share?


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