Ready to Take on the Kitchen

Aug 30, 13 Ready to Take on the Kitchen

I believe the kitchen is the room in the home that requires the most cleaning. There are many different surfaces and highly used traffic areas that can keep any person on their toes when it comes to cleaning. That is why I believe it is very important to have the proper cleaning products and tools ready and accessible so that you are fully prepared when you get the motivation to clean your kitchen.

Here is how I get everything ready to take on the kitchen, because I find the more you have prepared beforehand the less likely you are to neglect or forget to do something.

Step 1- Choose A Cleaning Carrier.

Having an easy to port around cleaning product container can help to cut down on the amount of trips you have to take which saves you time and energy. There are many different inexpensive options to choose from to hold you cleaning products. I have found a great plastic holder that has a handle in the center. It is deep and easy to clean. A laundry basket that is not in use is also a great alternative to port your cleaning materials around. No matter what carrier you decide on, make sure that it is easy to wipe down and to properly close all of your cleaning products before putting them back.

Step 2- Gather Your Cleaning Products.

The right cleaning products and materials make a great difference in the ease and cost of cleaning your kitchen. Although I like to use natural products when possible, for the kitchen I like to thoroughly disinfect food preparation surfaces so I use commercial products that have sanitizing properties to them. You need to consider what you will be cleaning when you are filling up your carrier- this includes the fridge, stove, microwave, counters, sink, floors, and more. Adding cleaning materials such as paper towel, sponges, microfiber clothes, and plastic gloves to your carrier will also cut down on the time you spend getting your cleaning materials. Some items will not fit in your carrier, but are still necessary to clean the kitchen. I also bring the broom, a bucket, mop and sometimes vacuum depending on the state of my kitchen.

Step 3- Create A Clean Workstation.

I have recently gotten into the routine of setting up all of my cleaning equipment onto a clean workstation. The clean workstation is the section of my kitchen that requires the least amount of effort to clean, so it can be saved to clean to the very last. For me this is about a two foot section of my kitchen counter that is bare. Here I place my cleaning carrier and take out whichever products I need and then put them directly back. This prevents them from getting in the way while I am cleaning and makes putting them back a breeze. Having a clean workstation has made a big difference for me in regards to the ease of moving around I feel while I am cleaning the kitchen. I am no longer wondering ‘where did I put that?’ Where you choose to put your clean workstation is up to you, but trust me it will make cleaning easier.

Step 4- Get Motivated!

Since cleaning the kitchen can be a big undertaking it is important to get in the right frame of mind. Whether this involves listening to your favorite music or indulging in a glass of wine (hey, I won’t judge) it can help to feel enthusiastic about cleaning. The right attitude will make you more thorough which will provide better results.

Keeping the kitchen clean is important for many different reasons including keeping your family safe and healthy. It can also be a source of pride as the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. How do you to you get energized to clean your kitchen? Any time saving ideas to share?


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